Cover Your Bases℠

The 3 Most Overlooked Areas
in Your Retirement Plan

The GoldenReserve® proprietary Cover Your Bases℠ process focuses on often-overlooked areas that may adversely impact your retirement.


Most people don’t have a tax plan for when to take money out of their IRA.

This analysis takes the focus away from investments. It provides a customized diagram to help determine the best time for YOU to take money out of your IRA and minimize overall taxes. If you don’t plan ahead, you could lose as much as 40% of your IRA to Uncle Sam.


Most people don’t know how exposed their life savings are to the stock market or long-term care.

This analysis addresses the hard truth that 100% of most assets are exposed to long-term care costs that can be as high as $10,000 a month. We explore the use of Self-Funding, Insurance Options, and Legal Tools (like Asset Protection Trusts) to protect against this threat.

Our Certified Estate and Trust Specialist reviews your balance sheet and advises which investments are best suited for Asset Protection Trusts.

This analysis includes a “stress test” that shows how your investments would perform in good times (2013) and not so good times (2008). It also shows your actual risk exposure compared to your desired amount of risk.


Most people don’t know how much they pay in advisor fees OR investment costs.

This analysis shows your total costs. It uncovers the advisor fees AND the hidden internal costs of the investments (mutual funds, variable annuities, etc.). These investment costs are important because they decrease your returns (or add to your losses).


Most people have one big question—“Will I run out of money?”

The final part of our analysis combines all the Cover Your Bases℠ scores and provides you with your Confidence Score. This Confidence Score is the likelihood of you being able to achieve all of your retirement goals without running out of money.

Retirement with Confidence

GoldenReserve® will build your customized Cover Your Bases℠ GamePlan that fixes the 3 most overlooked areas of investing. So you don’t run out of money in retirement.

Four Ways We Fixed

The Broken World Of Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an old and broken system. Turn your money over to a financial planner. Pay a % fee based on how much money you have, not work they provide. And hope the market doesn’t crash when you need your money most. Our Investment Firm has fixed it.

Flat-Fee Pricing

The old model allows your financial planner to charge a % fee for the investments you give them.

At GoldenReserve®, our consulting fee reflects the service, work, and value we provide. So it doesn’t matter the size of your accounts. We charge the same flat fee based on services, work, and value—not the amount of money you give us.

Passive Investing

The old model focuses on buying and selling stocks and bonds trying to beat a benchmark. History shows they can’t after fees and expenses.

At GoldenReserve®, we don’t understand why anyone would try to beat the benchmark when they could be the benchmark. That is why we use index funds for our investment strategy that mirror the S&P 500 and other similar indices at a fraction of the price.

Protection Focus

The old model focuses almost entirely on picking investments and growing your money. Sit back and ride the rollercoaster.

At GoldenReserve®, our focus is on the preservation and protection strategies below—not chasing the stock market.

Hybrid Solutions

The old model shoe-horned clients into choosing planners who sold insurance and annuities OR stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Not both.

At GoldenReserve®, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why we use all investments and insurance options available to our clients to find the right fit.


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