You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor in Retirement.

You Need a Retirement Planner.

The advisor that got you to retirement may not be the right one to get you through retirement. A dedicated retirement planner can help you protect your assets and grow them safely.

What is a Retirement Planner?

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The Summit Isn’t the End of the Journey

Golden Reserve LLC

Your traditional financial advisor led you to the top of the mountain. But now that you’ve reached retirement, are they equipped to get you down safely?

We often think of the ascent to retirement as the toughest climb. But the truth is, the descent is where you’re more likely to stumble. You need a guide who understands the terrain and can help you continue your journey safely.

As Retirement Planners, it’s our job to look out for the dangers your traditional financial advisor, the one that got you to the top, may miss.

Watch the video to learn more about why you need a retirement planner and the four things every retirement plan should cover.

You’ll See Things Differently in Retirement. Thankfully, Retirement Planners Do, Too.

Traditional financial advisors are relentlessly focused on accumulation. That isn’t a strategy, especially in retirement. You’ve reached the summit. The accumulating is done. Now it’s time for protecting what you’ve saved.

Where is your focus in retirement?

Decision Time Accumulation  - or -  Preservation


Financial Advisor
  • Choose Investments


Retirement Planner
  • Nursing home protection strategy (explore legal asset protection tools)
  • Tax Planning
  • Advisor fee & expense reduction strategies
  • Market risk exposure strategy
  • Retirement-friendly investments
  • Tax return preparation
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