The largest fear in retirement

Running Out of Money

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You’ve worked and saved your whole life. But what happens when the checks stop coming in? Will you run out of money?  With a real retirement plan, backed by a team of Retirement Planners, CPAs and Elder Law Attorneys, we can help protect your life savings and guide you every step of the way.


Take a Deep Breath

Turn off the news, internet and your annoying neighbor–paying an extra $1.09 for a gallon of milk is not likely to bankrupt you in retirement. The key is having the right plan and the right guide.

The right guide will walk it with you. They will be there to help you navigate the largest risks–Taxes, Market Risk, Financial Fees, and Long-Term Care.  And protect you from these same risks that we find many traditional investment- only financial advisors overlook.

Financial Advisors Aren't Helping

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The financial industry wants you scared.  Why?

They need you afraid. That’s why you never stop hearing about cost-of-living increases, budgets, inflation, income, expenses, recession, returns, and magic numbers in retirement.  If you don’t think you will have enough money to make it down Retirement Mountain, Financial Advisors may try to sweet-talk you into keeping your life savings in the riskier stock market. The reason? That is how they continue to get paid their 1%. On your money.

Without your fear of running out of money, would you continue to chase returns you probably don’t need to live your best retirement?

You Need an Income Tent

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We don’t guess when it comes to your life savings.

At the end of every Roadmap for Retirement, we look at your account balances, income, and expenses from the last year. Then, if you spent that same amount every year for the rest of your retirement, how much could be left at the end? And what do we need to do to secure that nest egg to match your end-goals.

Simple and straight forward. And we do it for one reason—so that you can sleep better at night. You see, Golden Reserve doesn’t get paid based on the balances in your retirement accounts. So, we came up with a wild idea:

We actually want you to spend your money.

Our Income Tent is your annual permission slip to give you the confidence needed to enjoy your own money–guilt and fear free. And truly enjoy those Golden Years.

How to Get a Retirement Income Plan

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A Retirement Income Plan is part of the Roadmap for RetirementSM, a comprehensive plan for protecting your retirement.

Your personalized Roadmap for RetirementSM contains all the tools you need to minimize what could be your greatest risks in retirement, including the Tax Map to minimize what you pay Uncle Sam, a Long-Term Care Compass to protect against long-term care costs, a Market Flashlight to identify your market risk, and a Fee Filter to identify how much you’re paying in investment and advisor fees.

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