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Be ready for the most important financial decision you will ever make – protecting your life savings. Our complimentary Roadmap for Retirement will show you what is at risk, what is missing, and most importantly, what you can do to fix it.

Learn more about each Roadmap Tool below.

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Get Your Roadmap for RetirementSM Here

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Learn About The Tools Included in Your Roadmap

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Tax Map

Built by our Team of CPAs, this tool shows you how to beat Uncle Sam when it comes to your largest tax risk - your IRA.

Fee Filter

Utilizing our special software, you will see – in dollars – what you pay each year (1) to your Financial Advisor AND (2) in internal investment costs.

Market Flashlight

Highlights what percentage of your assets are at risk, AND, what real dollars you would lose if 2008 or 2022 happened again in the market.

Long-Term Care Compass

Our team of attorneys will explore what legal options are available to protect you from the largest risk of retirement – a prolonged long-term care stay.

+ Income Tent

Looks at what you spent and earned last year, then projects out how much income you may need and what may be left in 25 years.  Usually encouraging our clients to SPEND MORE MONEY. 

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