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The move from financial advising to retirement planning
is what today’s retirees need. You in?

Investments and growth won’t cut it. Today’s retirees need planning and protection, and that’s where you come in. With access to our team of CPAs and elder care law attorneys, you’ll arm retirees with our Roadmap For Retirement that guards them from 4 of the major risks that threaten their future: Taxes, Market Risk, Fees and Long-Term Care Costs. If you’re ready to embark on the noble work of helping eliminate risk and worry for retirees, you’ve found the right place.

Fighting an Industry as Old as Time

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Golden Reserve exists to tear down a broken financial service industry—and then rebuild it.

But we are in for a fight, challenging a 100-year-old mega-trillion-dollar giant, where many firms flood the internet with articles and fill commercials with whales, bulls, cliffs and other symbols. All paid for by the average working retiree. An industry where it seems like the objective is how to charge the most money while delivering the smallest amount of work. An industry that has the buying power and influence to discredit any challenger that threatens their status quo.

That is why we believe the industry has never evolved to better help the aging American population when it comes to planning. That is, until now. Golden Reserve is full of Retirement Planners jumping into the ring to challenge Goliath. These mavericks shine a light on the excessive fees, missing services and all the other secrets that the financial services world doesn’t want anyone to know about.

Why would
I want to be a Retirement

Our Every-Day Clients

  • The financial planning industry has a history of overlooking Americans with assets less than $2,000,000. Could it be because they don’t have the tools or expertise to help these everyday Americans? Frankly, too many of the “big time” firms would rather focus on larger clients with larger fees.
  • Golden Reserve has taken the opposite approach—we focus on clients with assets less than $2,000,000 because our model is built specifically to suit the needs of the “99%ers”.

The Retiree Target Market

  • According to AARP there are 55,000,000 people over the age of 55 in the US. That’s 55,000,000 potential clients.
  • According to Pew Research Center 28.6 million boomers retired in Q3 2020.
  • The largest generation in the US are in the middle of transitioning through their retirement years and Golden Reserve is positioned to help.

Lifestyle & Autonomy

  • Retirement Planners build their own book of business around their personal network of friends and family. That means they create their own schedule and build their business around the people and things they love most. Not many other professions offer that level of flexibility and autonomy.
  • As a Retirement Planner, you have a ton of control over how you build your business. This isn’t a nine to five; you will be able to spend up to 50% of your time outside of the office networking and sourcing new potential clients or spending time with existing clients.

Your Earning Power

  • Uncapped earning potential. This is by far one of the biggest reasons people make this career change. Few professions give you this much control over your earnings.
  • Starting out, a Retirement Planner can make $100,000 their first year if they hit their benchmarks. They can earn even more based on experience and leadership positions. After that, the sky is the limit.

Why Golden Reserve?

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We know who we are. And who we serve. We are a team of Retirement Planners who focus 100% of our efforts on retirees. We do not try to be everything to everyone. Our tools, experts, and services are all specifically geared toward retirees working their way down the mountain that is retirement.

Training + Support

We have a comprehensive training program to make sure you have all the tools and information you need to be successful. This means making sure you fully understand our services, tools, value proposition, and most importantly our story.

Base Pay + Commission Pay Structure

We do NOT do 100% commission-based compensation which is common in our industry. We find that it puts undue stress on Retirement Planners which leads to selling the wrong way. So, we built a compensation plan that mixes both base and variable compensation to make sure you have enough runway to get off the ground.

What is a Retirement Planner

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It’s not a financial advisor. It’s not a financial planner. A Retirement Planner focuses 100% on helping people near, at, or in retirement. While other financial folk pick stocks and try to help their clients reach retirement via investment strategies Retirement Planners focus on protecting and preserving their clients’ assets. They’re two different jobs for two very different stages of life: Growing vs. Protecting.

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Tax Focus

Without an IRA de-tax draw strategy, retirees may pay more in taxes than necessary and fail to protect the assets in their retirement accounts that haven’t been taxed. Our guidance can help clients minimize what Uncle Sam takes and maximize what assets can be protected from the nursing home.

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Long-Term Care Focus

Long-term care costs are one of the greatest threats to a retiree’s savings, yet many people don’t have a plan to tackle them. Traditional advisors may only offer pricey long-term care insurance or recommend self-funding—options that are out of reach for many. Through our partnership with legal experts, we offer legal strategies—including asset protection trusts—that help clients protect their hard-earned money. We don’t know of any other financial services firm offering this type of protection in their service package.

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Risk Focus

The aggressive growth strategy that propels people up the mountain to retirement isn’t the right strategy for what lies on the other side. Here, we help clients shift their focus from growth to protection with retirement optimized investments that minimize both risk and fees. We don’t think clients paying more because they have more makes sense. That’s why we operate on a fixed pricing model.

Ready to Move Mountains?
Do it with the Best.

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justin spring headshot

Justin Spring


Previously: CEO & Founder, Adept 

Previous Career Accomplishments:

From a humble idea to a regional powerhouse, Justin helped Adept become a top 10 digital agency in Ohio. Justin was always ahead of the pack recognizing opportunities before the competition and moving the agency into services and specialties ahead of the need.

Job Description & Goals:

Justin is tasked with providing strategic direction and executive level leadership across all divisions of Golden Reserve. His goal is to transform an Ohio power-house into a country-wide juggernaut by leveraging his unique communication and management systems to optimize our processes and attract big-time talent.

Why Did He Make the Move?

"I was tired of being comfortable. I know I can build successful marketing programs and run a successful advertising agency. I wanted to challenge myself and see how my skills translate to entirely new industries and business models."

Biggest Concern About Making the Move:

"It was scary selling my interest in both firms to join this team. However, I know opportunity and talent when I see it and this place has no shortage of either. My biggest concern was having enough autonomy to pursue opportunities as I've always done running my own firms. So far, I don't see anything but open minds and excitement about getting better."

Tina Headshot

Tina Solomon

Chief Compliance Officer

Previously: Regional Director, Nationwide

Previous Career Accomplishments:

Tina has 25 years in financial services experience. Some of the highlights include her career start in Oklahoma with HSBC as a banker/financial advisor. She transitioned to mortgage banking and spent 10 years leading the largest division in the south-east United States for Countrywide Mortgage (wholesale lending). In 2010, she moved back to OH with Chase bank. She managed multiple branches in central and north-east part of the state. In 2016, she left banking and mortgages to focus on insurance regulation with Nationwide Insurance in downtown Columbus. Throughout her career, Tina has been recognized in the top 10% of managers for employee retention and engagement through Gallup. She holds a Masters in Management (MSM) from the American College and is a Certified Regulatory and Compliance Manager (CRCM).

Job Description & Goals:

As Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Tina is responsible for ensuring all clients are informed, disclosed and protected by the regulations of the SEC and FINRA. Internally, she trains and consults with our retirement planners and leadership our fiduciary responsibilities. 

Why Did She Make the Move?

Throughout her successful career, Tina has always put the customer first, in sales, regulation and focus.  When Golden Reserve approached her. the message was clear. We want someone with experience and dedication to protect our most valued asset, our clients. Tina sees this as an opportunity to work with a one-of-a-kind firm to help retirees down the mountain of retirement. 

Biggest Concern About Making the Move:

Do I want to work this hard? I was leaving a very safe job, working from home and no surprises. After I spent months getting to know senior management, I knew the risk was worth the reward. 


Anna Christine


Previous Career Accomplishments:

Anna has spent her career serving hardworking Ohioans as an estate planning and elder care law attorney.  She has saved hundreds of families millions of dollars through proactive planning. 

Job Description & Goals:

As a retirement planner at Golden Reserve Anna continues to help families save their hard-earned retirement dollars through comprehensive retirement planning. She is a speaker that brings awareness to families on the largest risks in retirement.  She is a guide for her clients and continuously works to put her clients in the best position possible.

Why Did She Make the Move?

I made the move to Golden Reserve in order to better serve families.  I was tired of seeing families in a nursing home crisis that had a financial advisor, but no plan for long term care.  I thought it was important to connect with families earlier so that a plan could be put into place and disastrous consequences could be avoided.


Biggest Concern About Making the Move:

I was worried that I would miss being an attorney, but the truth is as a retirement planner I can truly fulfill my purpose of guiding a family.  I love providing practical advice to folks in order to change their life.  As a retirement planner, I get this opportunity every day.

Tim Stallings Headshot

Tim Stallings


Previous Career Accomplishments:

After 5 years at a large national law firm in Atlanta, Tim cofounded elder care and estate planning law firm AlerStallings. To date, the firm has helped over 6,000 Ohio families protect assets from probate, taxes and long-term care costs.

Job Description & Goals:

Tim is a Partner and Region Head for Northeast Ohio. He is responsible for growing Golden Reserve’s presence in the greater Cleveland area and cultivating a culture that harnesses our teams’ strengths to achieve the best client outcomes.

Why Did He Make the Move?

“After co-founding AlerStallings with Greg Aler, I knew we could expand our services to the financial industry to help even more. While legal planning is important, through Golden Reserve I’m also able to help retirees protect their nest egg from an industry that far too often overcharges them, focuses solely on investments, and misses the biggest obstacles in retirement.”

Biggest Concern About Making the Move:

“Starting my career as an attorney and expanding into the financial industry required not only a change in mindset, but also additional education and licensing. I knew it would take a big commitment, but the nights and weekends studying paid off. I’m now confident in helping retirees with all areas of their retirement.”


Phil Huff


Previous Career Accomplishments:

Phil has a long history of blazing new trails. As captain of the Kent State Football team, he led the team to win the MAC East for the first time. Over the course of his career, he’s carried forward that same leadership, opening a total of 6 offices across all the companies he’s served.

Job Description & Goals:

As a Partner, Phil is responsible for helping shape the services Golden Reserve provides to maximize impact for our clients. He is also responsible for developing our Retirement Planners, helping them reach their fullest potential.  

Why Did He Make the Move?

It was the people in our company that sold me. We challenge each other to do more and be better. And it was the people we help, the 95-percenters who have worked so hard for what they have. I wanted to be part of the team that protects their hard-earned retirement.”

Biggest Concern About Making the Move:

“I knew this move would take me out of my comfort zone. We’re doing something others in the industry haven’t. It wouldn’t be enough to be a fast learner. We’d need to be world class.”

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