Tina Solomon

Chief Compliance Officer

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 Tina has nearly 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, a career that has spanned banking, mortgage lending, and regulatory management in the insurance industry. As Chief Compliance Officer, her extensive industry knowledge, coupled with her passion for managing and developing people, make her a valuable addition to our team.


Growing up in a humble, working class family Tina developed an early understanding and respect for hard work. That’s why she makes it her personal motto to “Be kind. Do good. And work each day like your legacy depends on it.” Living that edict has led to numerous national recognitions, including a ranking in the top 1% of managers in a national Gallup employee engagement survey.


Tina has a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication from Cameron University, a Master of Science in Management from American College, and an Executive MBA from Stanford University. She also established a college endowment scholarship fund through the University of Oklahoma, which to date has funded over $250,000 in scholarship money. She has a son named Yaz and a daughter named Serena. Outside of the office she enjoys loving on animals and cooking.

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