Retirement Guilt: We Hesitate to Spend, Yet Overlook Advisor Fees

October 6, 2023

All our working lives, we dream of what we’ll do with the money we’ve saved and the newfound free time we’ve earned. Yet, upon reaching retirement, those dreams are sometimes […]

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Why Do Most Advisors Still Base Their Fees on How Much Money You Have?

September 15, 2023

Recently, a publication targeted toward financial advisors published an article wondering if advisor fees based on assets under management (AUM) would soon be extinct. In just two sentences, this quote […]

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When Mutual Funds Aren’t Mutually Beneficial

August 2, 2023

“Set it and forget it,” is the financial industry’s refrain for retirement success; as in, invest in mutual funds, don’t touch the money, and let the magic of compound interest […]

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That Edward Jones is Up to No Good 

June 21, 2023

Maybe You Shouldn’t Hang Out with Eddie  In this adaptation from Golden Reserve Founder Greg Aler’s new book, Fire Your Financial Advisor, we examine the villainous role Edward Jones has played […]

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Why Do People Hate Annuities? 

January 30, 2023

Poll your friends and family about annuities and you’re bound to get a lot of adverse reactions. They’ll likely cite at least one of these three things :  While these […]

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Are Commissions Bad? 

January 5, 2023

Let’s talk about commissions. For many professions—like real estate agents, sales professionals, brokers and artists—it’s a compensation structure to which we’ve become accustomed. They make money when you make a […]

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Heard the Slogan “We Do Better When You Do Better”? In Other Words, Your Advisor Does Well Even When You Don’t

June 30, 2022

We recently heard a large, national firm use the slogan, “We do better when you do better,” and we couldn’t help but scratch our heads. On the surface it may […]

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Protecting Yourself from Fees: Why You Need a Fee Filter

June 16, 2022

No one likes extra fees, especially when they are hard to understand or being intentionally hidden. You know the ones: the stealthy “service fee,” the suspicious sounding “surcharge,” or the […]

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Your Financial Plan Expired at Retirement. But How?

March 17, 2022

We don’t have to explain why the yogurt in the back of your fridge expired. And we’re all pretty clear on why you shouldn’t eat it. But what’s wrong with […]

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Active vs. Passive Investing: Which is Best for Retirees?

December 2, 2021

If a friend or family member were to ask what your investment style is, would you say “active,” “passive,” or “something passive aggressive”? If the latter, you’re probably in the majority. […]

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