No One Climbs Everest without a Strategy for Descent

Reaching retirement is the greatest climb of your life, yet many traditional financial planners abandon their clients at the summit, without a strategy or the proper tools for the remainder of the journey. Hard-working retirees deserve better.
That’s why we formed Golden Reserve.

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You can’t predict the market.

But you can predict the common hazards in retirement.

Among our founders are elder care attorneys who saw firsthand the shortcomings of ordinary financial planners in supporting their clients’ asset preservation plans. Driven to protect their clients, Golden Reserve was created as a new breed of financial planning firm, focused solely on protecting and growing assets in retirement.

Retirement redefines what’s relevant.

Tax planning. Tax preparation. Long-term care. Investment costs and risks. Most financial planners don’t have the tools or expertise necessary in these areas, yet they’re highly relevant to the success of your retirement. With Golden Reserve, we sought to fill the gaps that leave retirees vulnerable. Here’s how we’ve flipped the script on the industry:

Making Money Is Important. So Is Protecting it.

You might be surprised to learn that most money managers aren’t managing your money at all. They select cookie cutter portfolios based on risk, and astonishingly do little planning along the way. When the market is up, they’ll call to celebrate. When it’s down, they’ll deflect blame.

Living a successful retirement requires a partner who will do more than just watch the market. We set out to add value by cutting fees, providing tax planning, tax preparation, and most importantly, asset preservation strategies.

Simply Shifting to Bonds Is Not a Retirement Strategy.

Everyone’s retirement looks different. So why is it that so many financial planners consider adding bonds “retirement planning?” That’s not a strategy. That’s auto-pilot.

Retirement is unlike any other stage of your life. Therefore, you need specialists who understand the nuances. That’s why Golden Reserve builds an IRA draw plan for every client, putting their money in products with the appropriate risk, fee structure, and liquidity accessibility. AND we involve elder care attorneys to develop plans that address an often overlooked risk in retirement: long-term care.

The Hard Sell Is Hardly Helpful

Product pushing and high fees are in nobody’s best interest—except for your traditional financial advisor’s. There’s no place for that at Golden Reserve. In fact, we loathe the infamously expensive variable annuities, income riders, long-term care insurance, universal life insurance, Class A mutual funds, and actively managed funds, to name a few. Unfortunately, those are just a sampling of the jargony investment pitfalls that don’t provide retirees a fair shake. This is why we work on a flat fee, so you can be confident we always have your best interest at heart.

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