The Team

Patrick Schmidt


The Coach. Pat Schmidt is calling the plays when it comes to the Golden Reserve team and our clients.

Bart Patterson


The Tax Guy. When it comes to tax strategies, Bart leads the way for Golden Reserve and our clients.

Shawn Hogan Headshot

Shawn Hogan

Senior Advisor

Shawn Hogan is a Senior Advisor at Golden Reserve.

Todd White Headshot

Todd White


Todd is an Investment Consultant born and raised in Bellefontaine. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

Ben Person


After Playing in Two College Football National Championships at Ohio State, Ben Hung up the Cleats and Looked for the next Challenge.

Chanda Hunter

Marketing Coordinator

Chanda Hunter is the Marketing Coordinator at Golden Reserve. Chanda is the most familiar voice to our clients and coordinates all marketing efforts state wide.

Max Mollaun Headshot

Max Mollaun


Hayden Ludwig


Austin Mauk

Rick Shibko Headshot

Rick Shibko

Director of Analytics

Rick digs out all the nitty gritty details in the statements, finding all the fees that we can eliminate or reduce.

Kristi Miller

Regional Client Administrator

Kristi Miller is the Regional Client Administrator at Golden Reserve.

Dawn Hancock

Regional Client Administrator

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