Meet Your Team

Notice we said your team. That’s because every professional on this page is fully dedicated to helping you protect the financial security you’ve built. From investment strategies to tax planning, asset preservation and more, we provide an expert team of Retirement Planners and specialized advisors whose sole focus is helping clients like you safeguard the retirement of their dreams.

Staff Members

Patrick Schmidt


When it comes to retirement financial planning, former MLB-pro Pat Schmidt is changing the game.

Bart Patterson

Region Head

For GoldenReserve’s clients, tax time is less taxing thanks to Bart Patterson.

Josh Maly Region Head

Joshua Maly

Region Head

This industry vet helps his clients sleep easier at night with the knowledge that they're protected from retirements biggest risks.

John Saccoccia


Life is unpredictable, but clients can count on John to be with them every step of the way.

Shawn Hogan


When it comes to preserving their legacy, Shawn Hogan is his clients’ trusted ally.

Amber Zelewicz

Client Service Specialist

Amber's high attention to detail makes the difference for the clients she serves.

Chandler Groves Retirement Financial Planner

Chandler Groves

Retirement Planner

Chandler leverages his passion for developing relationships to ensure his clients retirement plans both meet their individual needs and protect them from retirement's biggest risks.

Todd White

Retirement Planner

Investment consultant Todd White helps bring peace of mind to retirees throughout Bellefontaine.

Matt Schaefer

Senior Retirement Planner

Matt Schaefer is passionate about helping protect his clients’ hard-earned money.

Christina Taylor

Client Service Specialist Manager

For Christina Taylor, it doesn’t get any better than knowing she’s helped someone achieve greater peace of mind.

Matt Leddy

Retirement Planner

This award-winning retirement financial planner leaves no stone unturned in helping his clients achieve their dreams.

Mark Molsberry

Retirement Planner

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor Mark Molsberry leverages his expertise to help clients achieve the best retirement possible.

James Craig

Retirement Planner

With James' help, retirees can plan for the future, but enjoy the present.

Ashley Parke

Client Service Specialist

Ashley helps clients make educated decisions that give them confidence in their retirement.

Rich Colella

Retirement Planner

This veteran of corporate finance turned his attention to helping retirees live life without worry.

Tristin Tillman

Client Service Specialist

Tristin’s personal motto of “work hard and ALWAYS do your best” is evident in his client service.

Hillary Quick

Client Service Specialist

Hillary is passionate about her clients knowing she has their best interest at heart.

Tyler Backstrom

Retirement Planner

Every retiree deserves to feel secure in retirement and it’s Tyler’s mission to make sure of it.

Steve Ervin

Retirement Planner

Steve is driven by the desire to help clients achieve confidence in their retirement plan.

Luke Peters

Client Service Specialist

This proud Ohioan loves seeing clients secure a better retirement.