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Notice we said your team. That’s because every professional on this page is fully dedicated to helping you protect the financial security you’ve built. From asset preservation to retirement-friendly investment strategies, tax planning and more, we provide an expert team of Retirement Planners whose sole focus is helping clients like you safeguard the retirement of their dreams.

Staff Members

Greg Aler


Greg opened the doors of Golden Reserve with its team of retirement planners, committed to changing and replacing the broken financial advisor model.

Bart Patterson


For GoldenReserve’s clients, tax time is less taxing thanks to Bart Patterson.

Eric Kelemen

Managing Director

Eric is passionate about making a positive impact in his community and serving his clients with integrity.

Josh Maly Region Head

Joshua Maly


This industry vet helps his clients sleep easier at night with the knowledge that they're protected from retirements biggest risks.

John Saccoccia


Life is unpredictable, but clients can count on John to be with them every step of the way.

Shawn Hogan


When it comes to preserving their legacy, Shawn Hogan is his clients’ trusted ally.

Teri Falkenstein


Teri enjoys empowering others to make their dreams a reality, which makes her a natural fit for a retirement planning firm that does the same.

Phil Huff


Phil has developed lasting relationships and customized financial strategies that have helped countless clients enjoy the retirement of their dreams.

Todd White

Retirement Planner

Investment consultant Todd White helps bring peace of mind to retirees throughout Bellefontaine.

Matt Schaefer

Senior Retirement Planner

Matt Schaefer is passionate about helping protect his clients’ hard-earned money.

Christina Taylor

Client Service Specialist Manager

For Christina Taylor, it doesn’t get any better than knowing she’s helped someone achieve greater peace of mind.

Matt Leddy

Retirement Planner

This award-winning retirement financial planner leaves no stone unturned in helping his clients achieve their dreams.

Tiffany Kayser

Retirement Planner

When it comes to big decisions, Tiffany Kayser always does her homework. Which is why her clients trust she always has their best interest at heart.

Mark Molsberry

Retirement Planner

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor Mark Molsberry leverages his expertise to help clients achieve the best retirement possible.

Cassandra Wadkins

Client Service Specialist

Good times or bad, Cassandra is there to help her clients navigate through.

Brandy Whalen

Senior Retirement Planner

Brandy Whalen is driven to be the change she hopes to see for a better tomorrow. That drive led her to Golden Reserve.

Ashley Parke

Client Service Specialist

Ashley helps clients make educated decisions that give them confidence in their retirement.

Nick Faust

Retirement Planner

Nick Faust loves his community, meeting new people and building lifelong connections.

Luke Peters

Client Service Specialist

This proud Ohioan loves seeing clients secure a better retirement.

Hillary Quick

Client Service Specialist

Hillary is passionate about her clients knowing she has their best interest at heart.

Christian Norman

Retirement Planner

Christian’s greatest goal is to help his clients achieve a great night sleep. And the best way to do that is by helping them secure their retirement.  

Michael Gentile

Retirement Planner

Down-to-earth and tenacious, Michael Gentile doesn’t give up when it comes to helping his clients achieve their goals. More than anything, he wants each of his clients to reach financial peace of mind.

Scott Van De Water

Retirement Planner

Scott's background in long-term care gives him unique insight into the associated costs and enables meaningful conversations with his clients about how to prepare.

Danielle Goebel

Client Service Specialist

Danielle is a positive thinker and people person who loves to lift up others.

Jeremy Grubbs

Client Service Specialist

Adaptable and charismatic, Jeremy aims to cultivate trust and a genuine relationship with every client he serves.

Whalen Ng

Retirement Planner

Whalen is passionate about ensuring no client feels alone in the retirement planning process and strives to be with you every step of the way. 

Danielle Godby

Retirement Planner

Charismatic, outgoing and approachable, Danielle loves to help people live the best lives possible.

Corey Sabaitis

Retirement Planner

Corey is a problem solver who thrives on helping clients keep more of what they’ve earned.

Hannah Endres

Client Relations Retirement Planner

Hannah empowers her clients to protect their hard-earned retirement, and helps them move through periods of change and uncertainty seamlessly.

Shawn Fender

Client Relations Retirement Planner

With honesty, perseverance, and a sense of humor, Shawn strives to exceed expectations and do what’s best for his clients every time.

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