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Seeing Beyond Emotions: The “Overnight Test” for Unbiased Investment Choices

“Making investment decisions is simple!” said no one ever. But what if there was a way to see such decisions with unbiased clarity? Behold, The…

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Heard the Slogan “We Do Better When You Do Better”? In Other Words, Your Advisor Does Well Even When You Don’t

We recently heard a large, national firm use the slogan, “We do better when you do better,”…

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Don’t Lose Everything to a Nursing Home: Why You Need a Long-Term Care Compass

We’ve written extensively about the risk of long-term care, but most people don’t want to consider the…

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Protecting Yourself from Fees: Why You Need a Fee Filter

No one likes extra fees, especially when they are hard to understand or being intentionally hidden. You…

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Protecting Yourself from Market Risk: Why You Need a Market Flashlight

You probably don’t often think about how much your portfolio could go up or down at any…

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Avoiding Greedy Uncle Sam in Retirement: Why You Need a Tax Map 

Let’s start with a hard truth: you don’t actually own all the money in your pre-tax retirement…

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AlerStallings Partner, Anna Christine, goes on the Expedition Retirement℠ Show to explain the risks of Long-Term Care

What is an estate plan? How often should it be updated? What are the essentials for an…

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IRS Magnifying Lens

The IRS Throws a Curveball on Rules for Inherited IRAs

The IRS may be switching up the regulations for inherited IRAs once again. If it feels like…

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Your Financial Plan Expired at Retirement. But How?

We don’t have to explain why the yogurt in the back of your fridge expired. And we’re…

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