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Don’t Lose Everything to a Nursing Home: Why You Need a Long-Term Care Compass

We’ve written extensively about the risk of long-term care, but most people don’t want to consider the possibility that they’ll need it. Unfortunately, statistics tell…

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How to Minimize Your Taxes in Retirement

Three Ways to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money   The only thing that feels better than…

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How to Help Ensure You Have Enough Money in Retirement

Let’s Talk About What Keeps You Up at Night   If you’re losing sleep over whether or…

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Hope is Not Enough When it Comes to Long-Term Care

Hope is Not Enough When it Comes to Long-Term Care   It’s not fun to think about,…

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How Your Tax Bracket Could Change Under Trump’s Tax Plan

The long-awaited details of US President Donald Trump’s tax plan are finally beginning to emerge. On Thursday,…

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With Medicare Enrollment Winding Down, Most Retirees Don’t Shop Around

Just because retirees worry about their health care costs doesn’t mean they’re inclined to comparison shop for…

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Wage Cut Highlights Peril of Relying on Income from Dividends

The decision by General Electric to cut its dividend in half as the company restructures should be…

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Why You’re Hardwired to be Bad at Money

Why are money decisions so stressful? No, it’s not because you’re broke. It’s because your brain is…

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Is It Too Late to Buy Stocks?

The biggest question in money today: Is it too late to buy stocks? After all, the stock…

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